With nearly continuous fishing seasons, the Skeena river truly provides boundless opportunities to encounter ocean fresh fish – no matter what the calendar says.

One of the most populated watersheds, the Skeena always seems to have a fresh run of fish on its way. From spring chinook to fiesty summer run steelhead followed by coho in the fall, there is never really a lull in the fishing seasons.

No matter what time of year you arrive, the quality of fishing on the Skeena is unparalleled. Every fish on its way to the Babine, Morice, Sustut, Kispoiox and other legendary tributaries passes through our waters, and its the goal of Skeena Spey to enable our clients to encounter the biggest ones possible!

Temperature fluctuates quite a bit between the spring and fall fishing seasons, so whether you’re a sun worshipper or someone who loves a rainy day, choosing the right fishing season to plan your trip will be integral to your overall enjoyment of the experience.

Skeena RIver Fishing Seasons

Skeena RIver Fishing Seasons
In March and April the weather warms and fresh runs of steelhead enter the river, spring chinook(king) salmon begin migrating upriver and kicking anglers’ butts.

During May, spring flowers and fresh, hot steelhead continue to arrive through the end of the month.

As the water begins to rise, more and more chinook salmon are hooked. The height and volume of water in the river at this time of year provide the conditions for the hardest fighting fish you can imagine.

Skeena River Fishing Seasons
June is a good month for chinook salmon. With melting snow triggering their migration, big spring kings continue to move into the Skeena.

Experienced spey anglers enjoy the chance to cast to some of the strongest fish in the high water associated with early summer on the Skeena. The combination of the two make for an epic fight.

This really is an excellent time to fish for the big kings; 50+ pound fish will challenge every bit of your equipment and determination.

July through to August sees the river dropping and a full variety of salmon entering the river including a early steelhead still chrome bright from the ocean and full of energy and fight.

Skeena River Fishing Seasons
As bright fall colors appear, coho enter their native streams fresh and still chrome from the ocean. This is also prime time to fish the Kalum for steelhead.

Autumn on the Skeena is breathtaking. With a backdrop of changing leaves, snow capped mountain peaks and the feeling of cool air on your skin, this time of year is a favourite of many for the sheer brilliance of the location.

The river becomes quiet and peaceful as fall comes to a close and all that remains of anglers are those, like you, in pursuit of that elusive steelhead of a lifetime.

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