Flowing southeast amidst the shallow peaks of the Skeena Mountains, the Skeena River is home to one of the most significant populations of salmon and steelhead in the world.

The fabled Skeena River has held a prominent place in Northern BC’s angling history for centuries. Second only in length to the Fraser, its pristine, un-dammed waters provide refuge for some of the planet’s largest chinook salmon and steelhead.

Supporting all 6 species of salmon, including steelhead, as well as 3 species of trout, the sheer variety of Skeena river fish provides a quality of angling not available many other places.

No matter the season, the Skeena River is always alive. Boasting a rewarding chinook season in the spring and summer followed by steelhead and coho salmon in the fall and steelhead throughout the winter, there always seems to be a new push of fish coming in just around the corner.

Discover for yourself the rewarding feeling of hooking a mainstem Skeena river fish. It is an experience like no other!

Skeena River Fish

Skeena River Fish
Steelhead are the most famous of BC’s gamefish. These beautiful, wild sea run rainbow trout are lauded for both their strength and willingness to take a well presented fly.

The Skeena river system is known for consistently producing the largest steelhead on the planet, with numerous world records coming from these waters. Many fish are caught every year close to 20lbs and some even up to 30lbs.

Ocean bright, wild steelhead can be found in the Skeena many months of the year. There is a winter/spring run as well as a summer/fall run of fresh fish.

Skeena River Fish
Chinook (king) salmon are the largest of the Pacific salmon and for many years have been the target species of gear fisherman armed with heavy tackle.

With advancements in equipment and technique the King Salmon has emerged as the ultimate quarry for the dedicated spey angler.

These fish are caught mid river and eat the largest flies you can cast. They are so strong that some fish may simply be ‘unlandable’. Our fish range in size from 20 to 80 or more pounds. In 2001, a 99 pound chinook was caught and released in our waters.

Skeena River Fish
Coho salmon are some of the most sought after game fish in the Skeena river.

Smaller than the chinook, coho salmon are known for their acrobatic jumps and powerful runs.

The legendary ‘Skeena Northerns’ that return in the fall months can reach a tremendous size. Anglers come to the Skeena specifically to target these larger coho, many of which are up over 20 pounds.

They respond well to the fly and can be caught swinging flies in the same manner as steelhead.

Skeena River Fish
The rest of the fish in the Skeena include an abundance of pink, chum and sockeye salmon as well as healthy populations of wild trout and char.

Many anglers come to Skeena country specifically to target steelhead and salmon, yet are surprised with the quality of the trout fishing we have here.

Bull trout(char) populations in the Skeena are very healthy and with catch and release regulations in place the average fish size is on the rise.

These incredibly pretty char are known for the aggressive manner in which they take the fly.

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