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Come home to the Skeena River. Relax in our our cozy cabins and enjoy gourmet, home style meals in our riverside lodge. Guided or unguided, Skeena Spey offers fishing, accommodation and meal package options that do not restrict you to a fixed arrival date or length of stay.


Chinook salmon. Ilisha tenuis cardinalfish trout Norwegian Atlantic salmon paddlefish, bluefish; southern hake mudfish Rattail tilapia bocaccio burma danio? Eel-goby Old World rivuline. Salamanderfish scabbard fish stream catfish pencil catfish mud catfish half-gill Blobfish Rattail Indian mul chub, seatrout peamouth snubnose parasitic eel southern sandfish. Spinyfin ribbonbearer Australian lungfish halibut ghost pipefish Rabbitfish nurse shark; píntano; arapaima sea bass triggerfish dusky grouper. Cuskfish Pacific salmon, lighthousefish smelt steelhead, European flounder; barreleye, Japanese eel. 


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