RIO Skagit iFlight Box and Line

Skagit iShort


EASY CASTING, ULTRA-POWERFUL HEADS for big flies and sink tips

  • Powerful front end to easily cast large flies and fast sinking tips
  • Ultra-low stretch core for the best in casting and fishing sensitivity
  • Complete series of heads with varying lengths and small size increments

RIO’s iShort heads are powerful, intermediate based Skagit heads (with a short floating back section), designed for shorter Spey rods, Switch rods and single-handed rods. The intermediate front section give anglers deep, slow swings, and cast large flies and the fastest of sinking tips with exceptional ease. For anglers using shorter Spey rods, Switch rods and Single Handed rods, and for tight casting situations, the iShorts are a fantastic choice. All Skagit heads are built on an ultra-low stretch core for the maximum in casting and fishing sensitivity.

Skagit iShort Line Profile

All Skagit Series Lines Feature:

Extreme Slickness Technology features ultra-slick, dirt repelling coating for maximum distance and performance 

 ConnectCore Technology features ultra-low stretch core for improved strike detection and faster hook sets 

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Additional information

Attribute Information
Line Size

350gr, 22.7g – 18ft/5.5m, 375gr, 24.3g – 18ft/5.5m, 425gr, 27.5g – 19ft/5.8m, 475gr, 30.8g – 19ft/5.8m, 525gr, 34g – 20ft/6.1m, 575gr, 37.3g – 20ft/6.1m

Head Length(s)

18ft / 5.5m, 19ft / 5.8m, 20ft / 6.1m

Line Sink Rate

Float / 1.5ips


Clear Camo / Pale Orange


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