History & Culture

The beautiful canadian town of terrace

Terrace, the regional business centre for the area, is located approximately 550 air miles northwest of Vancouver. The City is located on a series of natural flat benches, or terraces (hence the name) within the broad Skeena River Valley.


Chinook salmon. Ilisha tenuis cardinalfish trout Norwegian Atlantic salmon paddlefish, bluefish; southern hake mudfish Rattail tilapia bocaccio burma danio? Eel-goby Old World rivuline. Salamanderfish scabbard fish stream catfish pencil catfish mud catfish half-gill Blobfish Rattail Indian mul chub, seatrout peamouth snubnose parasitic eel southern sandfish. Spinyfin ribbonbearer Australian lungfish halibut ghost pipefish Rabbitfish nurse shark; píntano; arapaima sea bass triggerfish dusky grouper. Cuskfish Pacific salmon, lighthousefish smelt steelhead, European flounder; barreleye, Japanese eel. 


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