Book fly tying lessons with one of our experienced fly tying instructors. We can teach you the patterns you need to land those trophy steelhead you are after.

Skeena Spey allows you one on one access to some of the best fly tying instructors in the world. With highly sought after flies, Adrienne Comeau is onsite to teach you the ins and outs of fly tying on the West Coast of Canada. Michael Orlowski is also here to lend their expertise to individuals looking to learn the various techniques involved with tying steelhead flies.

Featured on our YouTube channel, Michael Orlowski has some deadly steelhead patterns including the Mikey Prawn, that many anglers swear is their secret to landing monster sized steelhead.

2 Hours


Per Person

$100 Per Person if 2+

  • 2 Hours Fly Tying Lesson
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4 Hours


Per Person

$175 Per Person if 2+

  • 4 Hours Fly Tying Lesson
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Fly Tying Lessons

*Please note all fly tying lessons require payment upon time of booking.*