Whether you’re looking for casting lessons, or interested in a new fly pattern, our skilled staff is here to help.

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Skeena Spey has a staff filled with highly qualified casting instructors and respected fly tiers. Whether you are brand new to casting or fly tying, or have been at it for years, we will make it our mission to ensure you leave feeling enriched with new knowledge about fly fishing

If you’re looking for first class fly casting instruction, Skeena Spey is here to deliver. Our Head Guide and Founder, Brian Niska, has twenty seven years of fly fishing experience and has been a guide for the past eighteen years. With over twenty years in the industry, Brian is certified as a Master Casting Instructor and Two Handed Casting Instructor with the Federation of Fly Fishers. He is especially sought after as a speycasting instructor and has been a featured demonstrator at a variety of claves, outdoor shows and expos throughout North America. Brian has taught destination spey schools on some of BC’s finest Salmon and Steelhead rivers for many years.

Francois Blanchet is a fun and energetic instructor. Frank can teach every style of Spey casting in both French and English. He preaches minimizing the amount of effort while casting and adapting your cast to your body, controlling your rod while casting and how to adapt to different fishing situations. He also teaches about all aspects of fly fishing from beginners to experts. He is known as a clean and stylish underhand (Scandinavian) caster.

Adrienne Comeau loves casting a fly. She has worked in the flyfishing industry for over 10 years, both in fly shops and guiding in BC and Alberta. Adrienne teaches fly casting lessons as well as fly tying courses. She sells her custom steelhead flies, and has given seminars on steelhead fishing and fly tying. Adrienne has also had articles and photos published in various fly fishing publications and has had the opportunity to fly fish in Russia, Alaska and the Florida Keys. Adrienne is new to competitive casting but is highly regarded as one of the best female casters in Canada.

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Brian Niska Speycast

Brian Niska Speycasting Instructor


Check out this video of Brian Niska, our Head Guide and Founder demonstrating Modern Northwest Speycasting.