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Skeena Spey, Terrace BC

Nestled on the banks of the iconic Skeena River in Terrace, BC, Skeena Spey Fishing Lodge offers fly anglers the opportunity to target some of the largest chinook salmon and steelhead in the world. We offer instructional guided fishing, casting lessons and fly tying lessons for individuals of any experience level.

Let our staff comprised of life long anglers help make your Skeena River experience a memorable one. We all love fly fishing as much as you do and it’s our goal to create an atmosphere that inspires creative and educational discussions, so feel free to tell us your favourite fishing story, chat about gear or share a fly pattern. Everyone at Skeena Spey is always happy to talk about fishing!

Our onsite photographer, Adrienne Comeau, will ensure you take home quality photos of your stay here at the lodge and hopefully capture some of the fish you land too! We aim to provide our clients with access to one of the best steelhead fly fishing rivers in the world.

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Malcolm Wood

Founder – Skeena Spey

“Our fishing is very focused; we are after the largest King Salmon and Steelhead in the world. There are only a few rivers that produce fish of this size and what we have here on the Skeena is a true gem.”

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